High-Dose of Vitamin A May Decrease Melanoma Risk

Supplements for prostate cancer, Coenzyme Q10 New Applications for Cancer Therapy


    How to protect your prostate Prostate disease is common all over the world, bringing with it some very unpleasant symptoms, yet there are many things we can do to avoid it. With the help of our urologistPéter Csicsenkov M. Weight Having a healthy weight can help prevent a variety of illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

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    Being overweight also increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. You can calculate your ideal weight in the following ways: BMI index: optimal value is between Eat fruit or vegetables at least five times lapko prosztatitis day Eat unprocessed supplements for prostate cancer containing wholemeal cereal grains Eat plant-based proteins: legumes, soya-based foods, nuts Reduce your sugar intake: avoid fast food, sugary drinks and processed meat Reduce red meat consumption Make sure you get the right amount of calcium, but do not exceed the recommended daily amount Recommended amount: Aged mg Aged 70 and above: mg Avoid dietary supplements, as they may contain a higher quantity of certain vitamins and minerals than your body needs Supplements for prostate cancer foods with a high lycopene and selenium content Great sources of lycopene:.

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