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Prostate gland anatomy lobes. Prostate gland anatomy lobes. Nemiszervek anatómiája - OLKD hallgatók részére

We realize that most of our students will not be going into Radiology, but all of our students will be using radiology as a tool in the care of their patients. Our goal is to provide a firm grounding in the basic knowledge and skills of our field as well as instruction on how to interact with radiology and radiologists to get the most benefit for your patients. In addition, the major features and applications of nuclear medicine methods are also integrated in the lectures and clinical practices.

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Előadások 1. Introduction, physics, radiation protection I. Bogner Péter 2. Introduction, physics, radiation protection II.

Bogner Péter 3. X-ray devices, CT, nuclear medicine devices I. Bogner Péter 4. Nuclear medicine basics, techniques and devices. Bódisné Dr. Zámbó Katalin 5.

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Ultrasound prostate gland anatomy lobes Dr. Bogner Péter 6. MR prostate gland anatomy lobes Dr. Bogner Péter 7. Chest - Dr. Battyáni István 8. Chest - nuclear medicine - Dr. Zámbó Katalin 9. Cardiovascular system - Dr. Várady Edit Cardiovascular system - nuclear medicine - Dr. Zámbó Katalin Gastrointestinal system - Dr. Faluhelyi Nándor Gastrointestinal system system - nuclear medicine - Dr.

Breast, female pelvis - Dr. Farkas Orsolya Breast, female pelvis - nuclear medicine - Dr. Schmidt Erzsébet Head and neck - Dr. Rostás Tamás Head and neck - nuclear medicine - Dr. Bán Zsuzsanna Musculoskeletal system - Dr. Giyab Omar Musculoskeletal system - nuclear medicine - Dr. Neuroradiology - Dr. CNS - nuclear medicine - Dr. Molnárné Dr. Szabó Zsuzsanna Urogenital system - Dr. Urogenital system - nuclear medicine - Dr. Pediatric radiology - Dr.

Péleyné Dr. Mohay Gabriella Pediatric nuclear medicine imaging - Dr. Vascular intervention - Dr. Battyáni István Non-vascular intervention - Dr. The process of radiology exam ordering. The interpretation of radiology reports - Dr. Radioisotope therapic methods with alpha and beta emitting prostate gland anatomy lobes.

Schmidt Erzsébet Gyakorlatok 1.

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Inroduction to the diagnostic X-ray workplace, characteristics of a radiation hazardous workplace. Basics of radiation protection protection equipment, distance, modification of the aperture diaphragm, time, etc. Specialities of radiation protection in nuclear medicine. Explanation of the hazards of the radiation to the patient.

Prostate gland anatomy lobes. Nemiszervek anatómiája - OLKD hallgatók részére

ALARA in practice. Choice of examination methods and radiation hygiene. Recognition of poor image quality. Hounsfield scale, windowing. Advantages and disadvantages of radiological interventions.

prostate gland anatomy lobes

Content of the radiology referral. Communication of the examinations to the patient. Features of a diagnostic test pre-and post test probabilities.

Calcified nodule in prostate

Recognition of types and planes of the MR images. Patient preparation for a contrast-enhanced examination. Nuclear medicine workplace. Identification of the structures listed below on the PA and lateral chest radiograph: lobes and fissures, trachea, main bronchi, atria and ventricles, pulmonary arteries, aorta, structures of the mediastinum, diaphragm.

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Examinations and communication of the results to the patient. Recognition of the position of the intrathoracic medical equipments endotracheal tube, central venous pressure line, nasogastric tube, intercostal drain, pacemaker. Identification of pneumonia, emphysema, space occupying lesions of the lungs and mediastinum, pleural effusion on CT and X-ray images. Recognition of pneumothorax and tension pneumothorax on chest X-ray images.

Types of cardiomegaly, pulmonary venous congestion, pulmonary edema, radiographic features.

prostate gland anatomy lobes

Pulmonary embolism. Breast: Examination, communication, advantages and limits of the medical imaging methods.

Prostate Gland - 1 - Abdomen

Main breast diseases, mammographic and US features. Selection of the adequate imaging method in pregnant women. Recognition of the common fractures on X-ray images.

Prostate gland anatomy lobes. Browse our Medical Journals - AKJournals

Recognise and differentiate the intracranial bleedings. Recognise the signs of prostate gland anatomy lobes spinal cord compression. Inclusion foramen magnum. Urogenital system on axial images.

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Identification of anatomic pediatric skeletal structures and structures of the chest on X-ray images. Diagnostics of bone fractures on X-ray images. Examinations and communication of the results to the patient, mi fáj a prosztata jelekkel to the parents. Nuclear medicine practice I.

Introduction to the main examinations in practice and in the basis of archive images. Nuclear medicine practice II. Principles, main indications, evaluation of the examinations. Interventional radiology: Biopsy, punction, drainage. Angiography analog, DSA.

PTA, thrombolysis, diagnostics of bleedings, treatment.

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  • Prostate gland anatomy lobes. Browse our Medical Journals - AKJournals

Basic angiographic examinations, pressure measurment, mini doppler. Interventional oncoradiology. Angiographic signs of tumors.

prostate gland anatomy lobes

Selective cytostatic treatment, embolisation. Importance of praeoperetiv embolisation. Staunching the bleeding of tumors. Radiological aspects of the tumors of the oesophagus, colon and biliary ducts. Szemináriumok A tananyag elsajátításához szükséges segédanyagok Kötelező irodalom.

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