Prostate psa test high.

Psa test accuracy after prostatectomy. Posztoperatív prosztata adenoma, Psa test accuracy after prostatectomy


    The importance of systematic map biopsy is emphasized.

    psa test accuracy after prostatectomy

    Pathology Oncology Research Vol 6, No 2, Introduction Materials and Methods The ultrasound-directed systematic prostate biopsy, which creates a real "map" of the prostate, was introduced more than 10 years ago and is now considered the most effective diagnostic tool to detect prostate carcinoma. Furthermore, systematic map-biopsy of the prostate promotes the distinction between clinically significant and so-called "infraclinical" prostate carcinomas indicating therapeutical consequences.

    Altogether patients were map-biopsied, 77 of them were positive by rectal digital examination RDE and 25 were negative.

    Orv Hetil ; 10 :Mar. Extracutaneous melanomas have a complex clinical presentation, but these aggressive tumors have a poor prognosis. The 7 cases were: primary amelanotic melanoma of the female urethra, a primary melanoma of the bladder, two primary melanomas of the penis, a metastatic melanoma of the urethra and another to the testis and a metastatic melanoma of the bladder with melanuria.

    Hypoechoic zones were detected using a 7. Nine needle biopsies psa prostate test accuracy taken regularly, first in transversel, then in longitudinal section from both lobes, according to the method described by Resnick! Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded blocks were made and 8 11m sections were stained with haematoxylin and eosin HE. Only 5 samples taken from the 23 hypoechoic zones proved to be Psa test accuracy after prostatectomy 6.

    psa test accuracy after prostatectomy

    Out of these, in 43 cases the CA was diagnosed from biopsies taken from other parts of the prostate than the hypoechoic zones and in 5 cases both the hypoechoic zones and other parts of the prostate contained CA. Altogether 29 RDE positive cases proved to be Table 1. None of these zones contained CA, according to the result of biopsy.

    These 4 cases can be considered as false negative, regarding RDE see Table 2.

    Table 3 shows the number of samples of systematic biopsies in which CA could be detected. It is noteworthy, that in 10 cases only 1 sample was CA positive.

    psa test accuracy after prostatectomy

    Posztoperatív prosztata adenoma After establishing the diagnosis of prostate carcinoma, total prostatectomy was performed in 22 cases and hormonal therapy was induced in 30 cases. Discussion The classical method for detection of prostate carcinoma, rectal digital examination is still the most important diagnostic tool,l1 which helps to apply more sophisticated techniques, such as ultrasound and ultrasound directed core biopsy.

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    The relatively low diagnostic score led to the development of ultrasound aira tinktúra prosztatitis systematic "map" biopsy of the prostate. From the opposite point of view, Table 4.

    psa test accuracy after prostatectomy

    We may also confirm the data previously reported 7,8,15,16 that hypoechoic area psa prostate test accuracy alone is insufficient for diagnosis of prostate carcinoma. In accordance with the literature6,9,14,16 the proportion of cases with hypoechoic areas was lower among RDE negative psa test accuracy after prostatectomy in RDE positive patients.

    Understanding the Value of PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer Detection None of these areas contained carcinoma in our material, however with systematic biopsy four carcinomas could be detected in our RDE negative patients, which confirms the importance of elevated serum PSA levels even in RDE negative casesy,18 Our results provided further data on the diagnostic value of systematic prostate map biopsy and may facilitate the selection of patients for total prostatectomy.

    Psa test accuracy after prostatectomy Kiss Zoltán dr. Summary Objective: The authors present a case of a male patient, with recidive urethral stricture of unknown origin, which had an early recurrence of stricture and was diagnosed also with prostate cancer causing therapeutic dilemma to their physicians. Case report: Urological examination of the year-old male patient due to urinary complaints revealed urethral stricture and elevated PSA.

    References 1. Urology Fendler iP.

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    psa test accuracy after prostatectomy

    MonsaJIjer M. Vol 6, No 2, 7. J Urol Entretiens de Bichat Urologie.