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    High Level Abstract Background The human population residing in monazite bearing Kerala coast are exposed to mi prostate score urine test low dose and low dose rate external gamma radiation due to Th deposits in its beach sand.

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    This area serves as an ideal source for conducting large-scale epidemiological studies for assessing risk of low dose and low dose rate radiation exposure on human population. HLNRAs were further stratified into three dose groups of 1.

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    Methodology Consecutive newborns were monitored from two hospital units located in the study area for congenital malformations. Referred CHD cases among the newborns screened were confirmed by conducting investigations such as pulse oximetry, chest X-ray, electrocardiogram and echocardiogram etc. Results Among the newborns screened, CHDs were identified with a frequency of 1.

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    The frequency of CHDs did not show any radiation dose related increasing trend. No linear increasing trend was observed with respect to different background dose groups.

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    The frequency of CHD was observed to be 1.